All Manner Of Dad Jams Come Together With Bon Joviver

Editor’s note: This article was updated with more information provided to Hive by Miracles of Modern Science.

It's a known fact that both Bon Iver and Bon Jovi appeal to a very specific demographic: Namely, Dads (Not that there's anything wrong with Dads. Everyone has one). Still, the two Bons are beloved by decidedly disparate sects of fathers: Bon I. is dug by bearded, sensitive Papas, while Bon J. gets all the motorcycle-straddling Dads fist-pumping. Now, however, those paternal figures can join together as one, as someone has gone and created the perfect melange of Bon 1 and 2: Bon Joviver.

Bon Joviver is the brainchild of multi-instrumental band Miracles of Modern Science, who posted a whispery, Vernon-esque cover of "You Give Love A Bad Name" to YouTube the other day.

According to Miracles of Modern Science, the video -- which is now rapidly making its way around the web -- was created over the course of a few hours last Saturday after band practice.

"Josh made this wonderful pun and on any other day we might have just laughed at it and moved on," says lead singer Evan Younger, referring to Josh Hirshfeld, who plays mandolin. "[Cellist] Geoff [McDonald] turned out to have a stunningly beautiful falsetto and started launching into this song and we all harmonized and thought, 'Hey we should make a video of this and put it on YouTube.'"

What could have been a cheap and dirty cellphone video turned into a more elaborate affair featuring auto-tune, candles and winter hats (luckily, it had snowed that weekend).

The band -- who hails from New Jersey and consequently has a deeper bond with Bon J. than Bon I. -- reports that they have gained more attention and fans from the video, but the feeling of success is a bit bittersweet.

"Our own music is not exactly what I would describe as Bon Jovi meets Bon Iver," says Younger. "I guess at first we were ambivalent about how much we wanted to associate ourselves with this because already it's gotten us more attention than our music ever has."

Those who dig the song -- and want to check out Miracles of Modern Science's own tunes -- can also download it via the band's Facebook page for later listening and caterwauling along. Make sure to burn a copy for your dad -- whichever Bon is bon to him.

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