TLC Talk About Producer Problems

September 9 [12:00 EDT] -- So what's endangering the union between TLC and the group's longtime producer Dallas Austin?

To hear Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez tell it, it's all about the Benjamins.

While entering the Video Music Awards Thursday night, Lopez was asked if the group would be teaming once again with Austin, who produced TLC's first two albums.

I'm just gonna be honest with everybody," Lopez said while entering the Video Music Awards Thursday night. "Dallas recorded some songs with TLC that we hadn't yet gone into record, but Dallas tried to charge us $4.2 million, so he might not be on the project. [article id="1451277"]So, we been fighting with Dallas for about 10 months. We have not yet gone to the studio yet, and hey, don't get mad at me, I just have to tell it like it is... He came down but, he charged us more than Babyface!" [1MB QuickTime][/article]

TLC went bankrupt while "Crazy Sexy Cool" was topping the charts two years ago,

which may help explain Left Eye's concern over dollar amounts.

On Friday, our colleagues at the MTV Radio Network spoke with Austin (who's also preparing to launch his own label, Free World Records), who had his own take on the TLC situation.

"Each second of the day, I'm doing something with Free World, and everything else is becoming aggravating, you know," Austin said. "So I don't know, we still talking about it, and maybe I'll come in and do a couple of songs later or something, but as of now, it's like, something that's taking too long, you know how you can negotiate something for so long that it just burns out, and you're like okay, maybe we all need a break." [220k Audio File]

TLC's camp says the group is still hoping to do some work with Austin, and they are expecting to release the album in the spring of 1998.