5SOS Debuted A New Song Onstage, And Fans Are Now Skeletons

Hear 'Jet Black Heart' live right now.

If you weren't at 5 Seconds of Summer's show in Long Island on Wednesday night, your hearts might be smoldering to gray. That's because 5SOS debuted their new song "Jet Black Heart," and fans who weren't there are freaking out.

The song, off their upcoming Sounds Good Feels Good, out Oct. 23, is a melodic jam that shows off their harmonies. In a clip they shared (above), you can hear the a capella section at the chorus, which Ashton breaks into with some hard cymbal hits.

Here's a bootleg recording of the song. Although the song hasn't had an official release, you can hear fans (savvy enough to find the leaked version prior to the concert) singing along:

Anyway, if you weren't at Jones Beach, chances are that you're pretty sad. Here's how fans have been reacting on Twitter:

There were tears.

Some fans turned into skeletons.

Breakdowns were rampant.

All the FOMO.

And low-key depression.

A little pain too.

Hang in there, guys.

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