11 'Harry Potter' Secrets From Inside The 'Creature Vault'

Are you ready to see all of the werewolves?

Have you opened up "Harry Potter: The Creature Vault" yet? It's the newest book about the Wizarding World, chronicling its many magical monsters and mysteries, from mandrakes to dragons and beyond. Author Jody Revenson examines all these different corners of the "Potter" universe, and reveals concept art and behind-the-scenes details about how they came alive in the "Harry Potter" movies.

Chapter five, "Shape-Shifters," contains some of the book's best secrets. It showcases how Boggarts, werewolves and Animagi came to life for the films — and that means there's a whole lot to enjoy for fans of the Marauders: James Potter's group of friends from his Hogwarts days, including werewolf Remus Lupin, the prisoner Sirius Black, and the traitorous Peter Pettigrew.

Take a look at some exclusive concept art featuring Pettigrew, Sirius, Lupin and others in the werewolf community:

1. Sirius Black, tattooed and brooding, drawn by Rob Bliss:

Rob Bliss


2. Back to Black, a collaboration between costume designer Jany Temime and artist Mauricio Carneiro to determine the look of Sirius' robe in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix":

Mauricio Carneiro


3. Rob Bliss presents Peter Pettigrew, freshly transformed as a human after spending years and years in hiding as the Weasley family rat, Scabbers:

Rob Bliss


4. Remus Lupin, scarred and disheveled after spending way too much time in werewolf mode, as illustrated by Adam Brockbank:

Adam Brockbank


5. Lupin again, now in werewolf mode, once again illustrated by Brockbank:

Adam Brockbank


6. The first of many different werewolf designs from Rob Bliss:

Rob Bliss


7. Another Bliss werewolf, just creeping in the night:

Rob Bliss


8. Still creeping:

Rob Bliss


9. Here, Bliss shows us Fenrir Greyback at his most feral…

Rob Bliss


10. …and Fenrir again, giving you the evil eyes:

Rob Bliss


11. Finally, Wayne Barlow presents Remus Lupin, halfway through transformation, described in the book as the "touching study of the man within the werewolf":

Wayne Barlow


"Harry Potter: The Creature Vault" is available now from Harper Collins.

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