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Seth Rogen Has A Very Important Update About Something (Not So) Hilarious

He's counting on college kids to raise money for Alzheimer's awareness, and time is running out.

It’s time for Seth Rogen to be serious for a moment.

While the funnyman is famous for his hilarious comedies, Seth is also known for being a staunch advocate for Alzheimer’s awareness with his organization, Hilarity for Charity. In fact, Rogen is so serious about getting out HFC’s message that he’s recording exclusive videos for MTV News to get as many people involved as possible with his Hilarity for Charity U college competition.

Rogen, his wife Lauren Miller and their dog, Zelda, all starred in a previous exclusive video about Hilarity for Charity U for MTV News. Now that there’s one month left for the college challenge, the three are back with an important update.

People tend to think of Alzheimer’s as something that only affects old people, but it affects young people as well. David Guibord, who led his school to come in second place in the competition last year, explained to MTV News about how he lost his father to Alzheimer’s at an early age. No one wants to see family members go through that, and no one wants to go through it themselves. And Rogen encourages college students to get involved by raising money through things like comedy shows at their school. The winning schools get mega prizes, including a visit from Mr. Rogen himself.

Right now, Kansas University is in third place, Western University in Canada is in second, and the University of Vermont is in first, but there’s still enough time for this to change. Rogen reminds us that he'll come to the winning school to watch "Superbad" with the students, and he implies some other stars from the movie might stop by as well.

“I hope to see you guys at your school sometime soon,” says Rogen.