Hugh Jackman Slams 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Online Leak

Actor describes situation as a 'serious crime.'

In light of the [article id="1608245"]recent online leak of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"[/article] a full month ahead of its May 1 theatrical release, it's easy to forget one of the biggest victims of the high-profile security breach -- actor [movieperson id="234610"]Hugh Jackman[/movieperson], who has clawed his way into theaters as Wolverine over the last 10 years. While the leading man plays a fast-healing mutant on the big screen, the actor himself is not taking the wound to his film in stride.

"Look, it's serious crime and there's no doubting that it was very disappointing," Jackman said of the film's online leak. "I was heartbroken by it because there are a lot of people here in Australia and all over the world working on this film, and to have it out there in that way was very disappointing."

As the movie's leading actor, Jackman himself is certainly one of those hardworking people. He even took on the additional responsibility of being one of the producers for [movie id="345540"]"X-Men Origins: Wolverine,"[/movie] one of Jackman's very first -- and certainly highest-profile -- turns behind the scenes. Now having worked both sides of the camera, the thespian acknowledged some differences between acting and producing.

"There is no doubt [that it's different]," Jackman said. "I feel a little bit of anxiety about it, but I wouldn't say any more [than being an actor]. It is a good question about being a producer. The thing I didn't expect -- it's not always easy being a producer. It's a bit like being a grown-up, whereas an actor is just like being a kid, so that was a little bit of getting used to."

Jackman is a far cry from those childlike days, though he has approached the "X-Men" movies with as much youthful energy as he can muster. In preparing for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," the actor admitted that waking up before dawn to eat egg whites would have been easier to manage as a teenager, though he admits, "Probably at age 18 that would've been hard."

"For me, there's a few little things I've done from the beginning of [my involvement with] 'X-Men' -- I've become a little superstitious about it," Jackman described his acting process further. "I take a cold shower every morning, as cold as I can do it, because it really pisses me off and that somehow gets me in the mode of [playing Wolverine]."

When you consider all those shooting days filled with cold showers, it's hard to blame Jackman for being so upset about the illegal downloading of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." The actor himself says that there are not only legal reasons to avoid the bootleg making the rounds, but it's also not even the final version that will see a theatrical release.

"Obviously people are seeing an unfinished film," Jackman insisted. "It's from months ago, so it's kind of like a Ferrari without a paint job."

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