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Which (Really Lucky) 'Challenge' Competitor Once Shared Screen Time With Chris Pratt?

The two worked together on TV's 'Everwood.'

The memorable series "Everwood" showcased plenty of family heartbreak, tumultuous relationships, health crises (um, Treat Williams was a brain surgeon, after all) and some much-needed comic relief courtesy of Chris Pratt's character Bright Abbott. And as it turns out, one unforgettable "Real World" alum and "Challenge" competitor was trying to steal the moment from the always-endearing thesp on the show.

Chet Cannon -- who resided in Brooklyn back in 2008 with six other strangers and eventually went on to compete on "The Ruins," "Cutthroat," "Battle of the Seasons" and "Free Agents" -- tweeted some epic snapshots from his cameo on the WB program with the "Jurassic World" actor and future "Revenge" starlet Emily VanCamp. Always the jokester, the Utah native gave his former co-stars -- who appear to be filming at a house party appropriately filled with red Solo cups -- a shoutout along with the screengrabs. But where's sensitive Ephram Brown (aka Gregory Smith)?

Chet Cannon's Twitter


"Hello, @prattprattpratt and @EmilyVanCamp! Remember when we were all on Everwood?" he shared with the pics, which feature some awesome name tagging. LOVING the cheesy grin in the background, C!

Chet Cannon's Twitter


While neither of the Hollywood hitters have responded to the old-school images (we're patiently waiting, guys!), it's clear that the newlywed will always cherish that rager in the fictional Colorado town.