‘Secret Wars’ Becomes Adorable Wars In This Exclusive New Marvel Series

Writer/Artist Skottie Young reveals he's returning to "Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX" for a new series.

Marvel Comics' upcoming event "Secret Wars" is huge. So huge, it's going to need the publisher's littlest creations to take on the challenge. Enter writer and artist Skottie Young, who is bringing back his most adorable mighty Marvel creations for an epic story of teeny proportions with "Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #1."

But how does the series -- something Young originally launched as a parody of previous event "Avengers vs. X-Men" -- tie into the overall tapestry of "Secret Wars," a comic that smashes together (literally) nearly every one of the universes Marvel has created through various events and alternate continuities?

To find out, and show off a little (pun intended) bit of the art from the book, MTV News talked to Young over e-mail:

MTV News: Welcome back to Little Marvel! You’ve been leaning into sliiiiightly more serious work lately, but what’s it like going back to these adorable ragamuffins?

Skottie Young: Thank you! I think Uncle L said it best. “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years!” I turn in one or two Young Marvel Covers a week, and have been doing that for nearly 3 years now. So I feel like I’ve never left them, haha. But it’s going to be fun to throw them around in the pages of a comic!

MTV: So how does this play into Secret Wars? Was most of the Little Marvel’s world destroyed by an incursion? Are we going to see Little Marvels interacting with regular Marvels? We have so many questions.

Young: Hmmm… There’s just so many SECRETS I don’t know what to say. (Giant Sized Little Pun.) I’m doing what I usually do with my Marvel projects and having fun over in the crazy kid’s sandbox. I wrote this whole series while turning on the TV, sitting with my 5-year-old son, putting on episodes of our favorite cartoons and listening to him pretend and laugh and act up. After a week of that, one of us was crazy… or both. But that gives you an idea of the tone of the book. It’s just a lot fun with the little trouble-making versions of your favorite Marvel characters.

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MTV: Okay, but seriously, how do AVX, Little Marvels, and Secret Wars all work together?

Young: It’s actually more of a challenge to answer that question than it was to make all those things work together. I didn’t even really think about that part of it. I’ve drawn over 100 covers in the last few years. That’s a lot of Young Marvel characters. So I took that, the rules laid out for the world of Secret Wars and wrote and drew some fun stuff. The big questions [are] for my buddy Jonathan [Hickman], who has to ACTUALLY figure out how to put a giant puzzle together. I’m spoiled. I get free reign over all the best characters Marvel has to offer, throw them in a book where they will have a battle over who’s food cart/food truck is the best. So you know, the BIG stuff. :)

But also… a lot of duct tape. that’s mostly how it all works together.

MTV: Do you have a favorite character to draw/write little? Anyone who was surprising to you?

Young: Cyclops is my favorite one to write and draw. His visor is just huge and hilarious. He’s a little bit of a high strung kid with an obsession with eye puns. It’s fun to revisit Magik. I did a 7-issue run with Chris Yost back around 2007 and we brought Magik back into the Marvel Universe. It was a blast, and it’s been really cool to see her stick around and grow into a major role in the X-Men. I have her sicking her demons on the Avengers before getting called home for dinner… pizza night.

MTV: Overall, what’s been the coordination like for you on this event? It seems even bigger than anything you’ve participated in before.

Young: Again, I think I’m one of the most spoiled creators at Marvel. I’m lucky to get to really step outside the boundaries of the all the big heavy stuff and just let these characters have some fun. We’ve been doing a similar thing with Rocket Raccoon. That book exists within the Marvel U and is in continuity, but we can jump in and out of the major situations as we want. This keeps the books tone where I feel I’m strongest and also doesn’t force anyone else’s book to have to let me in. I’m the kid all hopped up on sugar. You’re cool if your kid plays with me but you don’t want me to come to your house and stay for a month.

So that part was surprisingly easy. We’ve had a lot of creative retreats where we went over the ins and outs of Secret Wars. Being in the room to hear the do’s and don’ts was a big help. After that it was fairly simple to keep it in mind while making up some fun stories.

MTV: Anything else you want to tease fans with?

Young: Eye puns. That’s all I’m saying.

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