Shailene Woodley Tells Us About Her Intense 'Insurgent' Push-Up Club

Feeling tired? Do a push-up, says Woodley.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Shooting a movie can be exhausting. Ten hour days, insane stunt work and forcing your brain to remember all of those lines?! We need a hit of caffeine just thinking about it. But for Shailene Woodley, that's pretty much her daily routine, so you'd think she would have an endless supply of coffee in her trailer, right? Wrong.

In fact, Woodley did the unthinkable on the set of "The Divergent Series: Insurgent" -- she gave up coffee entirely. Gasp!

"I stopped drinking coffee right before we started filming," Woodley told MTV News during a recent press day for "Insurgent." "So hour eight would roll over into hour nine and I was like, 'S--t man. I need some caffeine.' But caffeine was just making me tired. So I was like, 'What wakes you up quickly?'"

A push-up. That's what. But Woodley didn't just stop at one. Nope. By the end of filming, Woodley and co. were doing "200 to 250 push-ups a day -- every day." Damn, girl! Now we know why your back looked so effing jacked in all of those "Insurgent" teasers.

And while Woodley has since stopped doing 250 push-ups a day to stay awake -- "I haven't done them since we wrapped!" -- she recently moved on to a new sustainable energy source: bone broth.