Taylor Swift Is Back To Her Side Gig — Creating Greeting Cards

And so far, they're super cute

Taylor Swift is really good at writing the things we don't know how to say. But now, instead of conjuring up catchy choruses about love, she's reportedly going to help us wish our loved ones a happy birthday in the most meaningful way possible.

Fans have recently spotted some super rare, and currently unannounced, Taylor Swift–sealed cards at Papyrus, the go-to store for elegant and unique stationary, greeting cards, and gift wrap. Papyrus confirmed on Instagram that Taylor's new line for the brand is starting to be sold in retail stores across the U.S. and that this is "only the beginning" of their collab.

So far, the cards we've seen feature presumably Tay-assisted doodles of sunshine, gemstones, a cat, and headphones. Taylor is so serious about celebrating that she created a personalized gift for the couple whose wedding she crashed, and literally keeps birthday cards in her purse.

And if you were a fan back when she was a country star, you'll recall her 2009 collaboration with American Greetings, in which she helped create greeting cards, packaging, stationary, and stickers that were unsurprisingly whimsical, flower-filled, pastel, glittery, and all-around adorable. You'll also know that she paints on the reg.

Hardcore Swifties will also remember the Taylor Swift Greeting Card Mobile App that launched in 2013, which allowed you to send e-cards that were "inspired by the aesthetics and images from Taylor Swift’s fourth album, Red." Sadly, the app no longer exists, but we can only hope that Taylor's new collab with Papyrus will allow us to access some next-level T-Swift greeting card awesomeness as we have in the past.

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