One Direction's 'Steal My Girl' Has What Every Video Needs: Shirtless Niall, Monkeys & Danny DeVito!

Marching bands, ribbon dancers, sumo wrestlers -- is there anything NOT in this video?

Finally! One Direction's "Steal My Girl" video is here, and we can finally stop asking why Louis was seen chilling with a chimp. Because director Danny DeVito wills it!

And while you still might be wondering why the guys are dressed up at gladiators, why sumo wrestlers are holding hands with Zayn, and why DeVito is in the desert, the only answer is this: 1D dream in epic proportions. And since they're pretty much the biggest band on the planet, they do as they bloody well please in the clip, which is actually directed by Benjamin and Gabe Turner.

The video fills out to epic proportions as DeVito teaches the band how to make art and destroy their inhibitions. There's a bit of magic and fantasy in the air -- marching bands, wild animals roaming freely, a shirtless Niall, floating balloons -- and there's no doubting that they might all be wizards. (Also, Zayn playing the part of "Mystery" is per-fect.)

Take a look for yourself and tell us your favorite part (if you can narrow it down).

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