Sci-Fi Thriller 'The Atlantis Gene' Heads For Hollywood

The film adaptation of A.G. Riddle's trilogy will have two juicy roles for actors who've always wanted to save the world.

After becoming one of the world's biggest sci-fi self-publishing success stories, author A. G. Riddle can add yet another bullet to his resume: His bestselling Origin Mystery series is on its way to Hollywood.

According to Variety, CBS Films has picked up the first of Riddle's books, "The Atlantis Gene," for development. The book tells the story of a massive global conspiracy surrounding the true history of our human origins: a history closely guarded by a secret organization known as the Immari, and now on the verge of being exposed as our species unknowingly races toward extinction. Only two people — a gifted geneticist named Kate Warner, and a tough counterterrorism agent named David Vale — have the power to uncover the truth and save the human race.

If and when "The Atlantis Gene" hits the big screen, viewers can expect an action-packed romp in the vein of "The Da Vinci Code," complete with secret societies, hidden histories, and exciting international intrigue. And much like Dan Brown's famous thriller, it'll need the right pair of actors to make it work. Who might fit the bill? We've got our picks:

Mireille Enos as Kate Warner


After she played a bit part in another end-of-the-world thriller, channeling the perfect mix of vulernability and toughness as Brad Pitt's wife in "World War Z," it's easy to picture Enos in the role of the geneticist who unwittingly finds herself at odds with dangerous people.

Anthony Anderson as David Vale


Anderson's gift for comedy will come in handy for those tension-relieving moments of humor that any good action flick requires — and thanks to his time carrying a badge and a gun on the set of "Law & Order," we know he's totally believable as a member of law enforcement. Win-win.