Echosmith's New Video 'Bright' Makes Camping Look Pretty

Echosmith's vid is just as beautiful as the song.

Echosmith's "Bright" compares the complicated feeling of love into something that's simply romantic: star-gazing. So it's only natural that, for the band's new music video, which debuted today on MTV, they do exactly that.

"Did you see that shooting star tonight?/ Were you dazzled by the same constellation?" singer Sydney Sierota asks, while her brothers play in a gorgeous hipster warehouse.

Following the heart-fluttering vibe of the ditty, from their Talking Dreams debut, the video is completely light-hearted as the sibling act ditches their performance set-up and head out for a camping trip with their good-looking friends (who said they weren't "cool kids"?). Trails are hiked, tents are pitched and, of course, stars are seen shooting across the night sky.

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