Foxy Brown Pleads Not Guilty To Nail-Salon Assault

Rapper says she was mad that the mani was left out of her mani/pedi.

Foxy Brown went to Bloomie Nails last August for a mani/pedi. According to the rapper, someone forgot the mani part, and that's when the trouble started.

Foxy, whose real name is Inga Marchand, appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday to plead not guilty to misdemeanor assault and attempted assault in connection with the scuffle at Bloomie's. Wearing a satiny gold Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit, the rapper -- who turned herself in to police on March 7 to face the charges -- told reporters, "I got the pedicure, but they didn't give me the manicure," according to The New York Times.

A frequent customer at the salon, Foxy became angry during an August 27 visit when she was told the establishment was going to close before she received her manicure. When she got up to leave without paying, employees locked the door, the Times reported.

Foxy claims they were demanding payment for the manicure and the pedicure, and when she would not pay for both, prosecutors claim she kicked and hit one of the managers, causing "bruising and swelling to the face, as well as substantial pain."

When employees ran to Foxy's car to block her from leaving, prosecutors said the rapper hit one of the workers with her cell phone. Foxy's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, told the Times that his client did not hit any of the workers in the face, but confirmed that a struggle had taken place. "Eventually, with all the screaming going on, they released her," Tacopina said, adding that the salon workers were attempting to take advantage of Foxy's celebrity and wealth.

According to Tacopina, a police officer let Foxy go after responding to a call, and a receipt shows that she paid for the pedicure.

Arriving in court in a white Land Rover, Foxy said she was not going to be sidelined by the incident. "A $20 pedicure? Are you serious?" Foxy said as she showed reporters her long white nails and designer outfit. "I've overcome adversity my entire life. I'm trying not to be deterred by any negativity."

After becoming one of Jay-Z's first signings to Def Jam (see [article id="1495761"]"Jay-Z Brings Pal Foxy Brown Back To Def Jam"[/article]), Foxy is at work on her upcoming album for the label.

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