Kesha Drives Through The Road Of Life In A Busted Jalopy In New Album Trailer

She teases new music and video clips in the two-minute teaser

Kesha's new studio album High Road is out soon. So ahead of its release, the singer has released an epic trailer showcasing what life looks like if it were a vintage road trip from the 1960s. There are bits and pieces of new music, wild snapshots of party life, and profound philosophical nuggets from Kesha that make you question what your definition of life really is. If this teaser is any indication, then High Road will be a thrilling and eye-opening follow-up to 2017's Rainbow.

In the years since her last album came out, Kesha has been driving across the road of life. There are numerous pitstops and distractions, but she zooms past them all. She illustrates this by driving a beat-up jalopy through different dusty streets. "I've seen the light: Life is like driving across the country in a pretty small Astrovan, with your whole family in it, for 90 years," she says in an aside. "Because I think life is a vacation from where we go when we die."

Over the course of the two minutes, we're shown a lot of perspectives, viewpoints, and cartoonishly over-the-top segments that make it clear that Kesha is actively making the best of her ride. Some of these sets, such as one that pays homage to The Shining's scary twin girls and another that takes place in a brightly-colored grocery store, appear to be from forthcoming music videos. We won't know until they drop, but it's clear that High Road is going to be special.

High Road is due to come out in December. In a September cover story with Billboard, Kesha gave some details about what the new LP will sound like. "It's the happiness that I began my career with," she said. "Part of this album is resurrecting the fact that you can be a fucking mess in your head one day and then you can also be glittered-up and have the best night of your life."

Watch some of Kesha's wild ride of life in the trailer up above.