All Hail Jared Leto's Man Bun, The Androgynous Hair Trend Of 2014

Experts chat with MTV News about the man bun, worn by Golden Globes winners Leto and Alex Ebert on Sunday night. So, who wore it best?

Take note, fellas: Up-dos aren't just for the ladies anymore. And two Golden Globes winners -- Jared Leto and Alex Ebert -- proved just that, as they flaunted their man buns at the splashy event.

Leto, who won for Best Actor in a Drama for "Dallas Buyers Club," and Ebert, who won for Best Original Score for his work in the film "All Is Lost," each had a similar type of up-do. In fact, Golden Globes nominee and "Her" star Joaquin Phoenix also rocked the look. But, only one man really wore the man bun the right way.

"In terms of that award show, I would say that Jared Leto probably pulled it off a little better," Jon Roth, a Details writer told MTV News. "I mean both of those guys are musicians, it's kind of a part of their lifestyle to have this rock'n'roll hair. But for the red carpet, it does make sense to clean it up. Keep it sleek and groomed."

While it may not be the norm to see A-listers wear an edgier style like the man bun to an awards show, New York Times writer and editor Phyllis Korkki notes that all roads lead back to Brooklyn when it comes to taking it mainstream. "I just think Brooklyn is where it all starts and then it just takes a while to migrate west," she said.

"Well, I think that it's a way for men to indicate that they're confident in their masculinity, but they also have a feminine side and they're also not afraid to show that. They're also, based on when I talked to these Brooklyn men a couple years ago [for an article], they're trying to distinguish themselves from an older generation that wore ponytails, sort of the Steven Seagull, this is a way for them to be a little more modern, a little more youthful," she added.

Roth also agrees that the look's roots are in the Big Apple. But, hipsters take note: Leto should be the guy you emulate. "Obviously, [it's] not a look for every guy to try and pull off," he noted. "I hope we see it more in Jared Leto's style: very sleek, clean lines and that kind of look that has you looking pulled together."

While the Golden Globes may have ended Sunday night, the look likely isn't going anywhere just because the broadcast is over.

"It needs to be very coiffed for it to work, in that very loose rock'n'roll kind of way. It should still look polished, that GQ sexy rock and roll," Lorean Cairens, creative director and owner of NYC salon Fox & Jane shared. "[Leto's] was contained in a small area, which I liked. And then again the front was completely slicked back. And if you noticed last night tons of sleek, sleek rock and roll is huge for 2014 and so it was just the male version of that trend."

So, with awards season in full gear, it's likely more male celebrities will walk the carpet in this edgy look.

"We're going to start seeing more and more of this," she said. "As girls are cutting off their hair, androgyny is sexy right now, and guys are growing out their hair."

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