Ariana Grande's Brother Finally Revealed His Identity To The Big Brother House And They Lost It

This is the part where he 'breaks free.'

By Britt Julious

The secret’s out!

After more than eight weeks in the Big Brother house, Frankie J. Grande, the 31-year-old brother of pop superstar Ariana Grande revealed his true identity to his fellow remaining house guests.

“I have been lying to you all the entire game. I’m not who I said I was,” Grande said after gathering the house guests in the living room for a meeting.

“My name is Frankie J. Grande,” he said. “I have been hiding this secret everyday and it has been eating my soul everyday.”

“HOLY CRAP!” screamed Nicole, the former Head of Household for the week.

“Oh my God! I’m gonna kill you!” cried Victoria, a frenemy of Frankie’s and a big fan of Ariana’s. She recently spoke about her admiration of the singer.

The self-described “YouTube personality and social media mogul” also mentioned how the secret was difficult to keep and made him paranoid after the death of his grandfather. In his time of grief, Grande slipped, describing Ariana by her real name and not “Arielle,” the name he used to hide their relationship.

Since Thursday’s live double eviction, the house has been in a tailspin with many broken friendships and strong power shifts. In the interest of not revealing spoilers, I won’t share why Frankie finally lost his once-solid cool in the home, but this announcement is sure to rattle the nerves and gameplay of his fellow house guests.

A quick check of the live feeds after the announcement showed a house split, with some, like the obsessive wannabe singer and pathological liar Caleb, eager to use Frankie’s identity as a power move outside of the home. Others, like John Travolta look-alike Cody, Frankie’s former best friend, and Zach, his potential love interest in the house, were unnerved by the news.

His secret just might be the key to changing and solidifying his chance at winning the half a million dollar game prize, which, Frankie claims, will be used for charity. And his sister is following along and supporting his actions, too, shooting out this tweet once all of the drama went down:

Watch all the drama here for yourself.

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