'Mortal Instruments' Will Live Again ... As A TV Series

The Shadowhunters will rise again!

Even though the "City of Bones" crumbled at the box office, the world has not seen the last of the "Mortal Instruments" franchise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production house Constantin Film has decided to continue the "Mortal Instruments" series ... on television!

Written by fantasy author Cassandra Clare, "The Mortal Instruments" follows a young woman named Clary Fray who learns that she's a Shadowhunter — a human with angelic blood. Six novels exist in Clare's series, the first of which, "City of Bones," was the basis of a 2013 feature film that earned a mere $31.1 million at the domestic box office. Based on the lackluster returns, Constantin's plans for further "Mortal Instruments" movies were shelved, though the production company insisted that the franchise would live on. With the announcement of a TV show, they're living up to their word.

"It actually makes sense to do [the novels] as a TV series," Constantin's Martin Moszkowicz says of the decision to continue "Mortal Instruments" on the small-screen. "There was so much from the book that we had to leave out of the 'Mortal Instruments' film. In the series we'll be able to go deeper and explore this world in greater detail and depth."

It's early days yet, which means there are plenty of questions. Who will star in the "Mortal Instruments" series? Will casting carry over from "City of Bones" to the TV show, or will Constantin find new actors to take on Clary, Jace and the others? Will the show pick up after the events of "City of Bones," or start from scratch? Where and when will it air? No matter the answers, it's all great news for fans who feared they'd seen the last of the Shadowhunters on screen.

What do you think of the "Mortal Instruments" TV series news?

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