Everybody's Talking About 'Legally Blonde!'

Ohmigod, OMG you guys! OK, sorry for the early-morning (pre-coffee!) enthusiasm, but I seem to have come down with a raging case of Elle fever. And it looks as though I'm not alone. Blondes, brunettes and even redheads are buzzing about Legally Blonde The Musical: Search for Elle Woods. So I've gone ahead and rounded up the best of the best commentary on MTV's newest -- and blondest -- reality show. Meanwhile, in case you missed last night's series premiere, catch up now by watching the full webisode.

Why You're Guaranteed To Love It:

"[Legally Blonde has] all the reality show staples that have hooked you before: backstabbing, fights, tears and skimpy outfits – now with Broadway jazz hands (manicured, of course)." --The Los Angeles Times

Why Brunettes Need Not Apply:

"Among the challenges the contestants had to survive was a dance performance in pink high-heeled boots on a cobblestone road and, of course, dying their hair platinum blond." --New York Daily News

Why Diddy Would Soooo Not Approve:

"We don't send [the girls] on any ridiculous adventures to get cheesecake. Every thing we make them do in some way helps them reach their goal." --Host/mentor Haylie Duff (via The TV Squad)

Why You Should Program Your DVR, Like, Now:

"Because, OMG, you're a tween who loves pink and Chihuahuas and who thinks, sleeps, and dreams Elle Woods. Plus, you've seen the musical (like) three times already and (OMG, again) you're also a big Haylie Duff fan and saw her (like) three times in 'Hairspray.'"

Still can't get enough Elle? Check out this deleted scene from last night's episode, after the jump.

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