Federline Moving Songs From The Lab To Clubs For Testing

Mr. Spears picks hot title for debut album, plans promo tour for new tunes.

If you don't want to get burned when picking up Kevin Federline's debut album, you'd better be careful -- Mr. Spears is Playing With Fire. That's right, K-Fed's finally figured out the disc's title, which he calls "self-explanatory."

"My album is sure to set the dance floors across the world on fire!" Federline said in a statement released Tuesday (March 28).

And to help nudge it along, Federline's planning a promotional club tour, where, like his Saturday stop at the Vision club in Atlanta, he'll bring advance music for DJs to play so he can gauge fan reaction. "I'm excited about ... seeing the firsthand reaction of my fans listening to my songs for the first time," he said.

He won't, however, be performing at any of these appearances.

The dates for the promo tour are still in the works, but Federline's hoping to hit markets such as New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. While in each of those cities, K-Fed plans to do a few good deeds, as well. According to his rep, he's going to pick something different for each city, depending on local needs, from handing out toys in children's hospitals to helping out hurricane victims. Apparently his urge to help out started when he donated his hair to cancer patients through Locks of Love two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Federline is still trying to determine which song he'll shoot a video for, since he's got a more current single than his first song, "PopoZao" (see [article id="1520600"]"Kevin Federline Says He Doesn't Care If You Don't Like Him"[/article]). The follow-up single, "For Real," attacks how he's been portrayed by the media.

Also to be determined: how Federline will release his debut album, which he plans to put out in August. "He's weighing his options," Federline rep Marilyn Lopez said.

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