Kelis Talks Dirty (Ol' Dirty, That Is)

Twenty-year-old newcomer Kelis is making her mark on the radio waves, and it's not just with her debut single, "Caught Out There.

Kelis may be better known (at the moment) for her high-profile cameo on Ol' Dirty Bastard's current single, "Got Your Money." A classically trained singer, Kelis met Dirty through her producers Ferrell and Chad, who produced the track for ODB and then called on her to sing the hook. So, is Ol' Dirty as eccentric as he's made out to be in the media?

"I think a lot of people thinks he's faking," Kelis told our friends at the MTV Radio Network. "I don't think so.... Nah, I think he's definitely genuine in his, in his, ah, stuff, you know."

"He was cool, though people make

a big deal about him,"

she added. "But we're all, I mean, I got my quirks too. We all got our issues. He's a talented man, you know?" [RealAudio]

Caught Out There" hits stores on November 16, while Kelis' debut album, "Kaleidoscope," is scheduled to drop on December 7.

-- John Gill