Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell On A Healthy Heart On Tour

Its been a fast and furious year of fame and frenzy for the Backstreet Boys, as their debut album, released nearly a year ago, is still a Top 10 hit, and their current tour is playing to sold-out houses.

Probably best of all for the group, though, is the fact that 23-year-old vocalist Brian Littrell is still alive and well. Littrell underwent two and a half hours of open-heart surgery earlier in the year to correct a congenital heart defect.

Now that Littrell's back on his feet, the singer told MTV News that he's putting a new premium on staying healthy.

"The one thing I've learned," Littrell said, "is that when we need to eat, I just have to say, 'Leave me alone. I'm sorry, leave me alone. I want to eat. Because the doctor said I've got to eat.' [article id="1438863"]Because at the age of 23, the doctors were even finding fatty deposits in one of my arteries ... because of all the McDonald's that we eat out on the road." [500k QuickTime][/article]

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