Jon Voight Wants To Know What's On Page 47 In 'National Treasure 3'

Last month, we learned that "National Treasure 3" is officially in the works with "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" co-writers Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro tackling the screenplay. Details on the project have been scarce both in terms of plot and which actors are planning on coming back, though Nicolas Cage's return as the heroic Ben Gates is a virtual certainty. And now, we can toss another name on the list: Jon Voight.

At the very least, Voight is enthusiastic about the prospect of reprising his role as Ben's father Patrick Gates for a third "National Treasure," telling MTV News that he already has hopes for the movie's story.

"I have no idea [what the plot] of it is, I just hope they answer the question of 'What's on Page 47?'" Voight told MTV. "The end of the second one had this question. The president told [Cage] to go look at Page 47, so we're all wondering what's on that page."

According to Voight, the introduction of Page 47 wasn't necessarily meant to lure viewers into rooting for a third "National Treasure," though that's certainly not the worst outcome imaginable.

"No one knew when they made it that that was going to be a clue to the next picture, but that's what people took from it," Voight revealed. "They just wanted to end the sequence in some mysterious way and all of the sudden, people were asking what was on Page 47."

People won't need to ask that question for much longer, however. While Voight doesn't know when "National Treasure 3" will begin shooting, he did say that there's "a script that's almost ready to be seen, then we'll go shoot it."

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