One Direction's 3-D Movie Will Be 'About The Fans'

'I think he's going to make an interesting movie,' Simon Cowell tells MTV News of director Morgan Spurlock.

One Direction not only dropped their surefire hit of a sophomore album this week, but also had some big news for their fans. That news? Well, come 2013 they will be coming to a theater near you -- in 3-D!

And, their mentor, Simon Cowell, has a pretty good idea of what he hopes to see in the [article id="1697256"]3-D film[/article]. ([article id="1697395"]Cheeseburgers didn't make his list.[/article]) "Well, I mean, for anyone whose fan of the band you're gonna get a chance to really see what it's like preparing for one of these big concert tours, a lot of it is about the fans," he told MTV News, hinting that a lot of the film will revolve around their massive 2013 world tour. The tour officially kicks off in February 2013 at London's O2 Arena and will land Stateside June 13 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He added, "Morgan Spurlock's directing. He's cool, I met him. I think it's going to be amazing."

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Until now, no one really knew that "Super Size Me" director Spurlock was such a Directioner, but Cowell assured us that he is and that the fandom goes both ways. He said, "He was just such fan of doing it. What he gets is storytelling and he likes detail and he's fun and the band likes him. I think he's going to make an interesting movie."

While fans will have to wait until next August to see the film, they have already bought their album Take Me Home by truckloads. The album is expected to sell [article id="1697447"]half a milli in its first week[/article]. "It's incredible," the "X Factor" mentor said of the band's latest accomplishment. (They formed on the U.K> "X Factor" back in 2010.) "Always when I'm asked this question, you've got to thank the fans, the One Direction fans literally [are] unbelievable."

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