How The Justice League Could Win Comic-Con

Because in reality, it's 'Superman & Batman V Marvel.'

Though Warner Bros. hasn't announced anything about showing off their Justice League plans at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, it's hard to imagine a scenario where the studio doesn't show off at least a little of what they have planned for their DC Comics properties.

So assuming that Zack Snyder has got something ready to blow the roof off of Hall H in San Diego, there's a way for WB to steal the thunder away from Marvel Studios, the reigning champs of Comic-Con, and this is how they could do it.

Confirmation of the Release Schedule


A weird thing happened after WB's supposed release schedule from 2016 to 2018 leaked online. There was no big denial. Nothing we've officially heard from the studio has refuted the report, so we've been led to believe that it was spot-on. This wouldn't be the first time WB's big Comic-Con plan leaked early. The "Batman Vs. Superman" secret made it till just before the panel in Hall H, but that was hours before, not a month and a half. If Finke got the scoop on WB, they should own up to it and embrace the epic slate of films on the way with one big Comic-Con showing.

Wonder Woman In Costume

DC Comics


So we've seen Ben Affleck as Batman. Then we got to see Henry Cavill as Superman in a costume that scientists believe is different, but not in a way that's visible to the human eye. So where is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? It's still unclear how big the Amazonian's role will be in "Dawn of Justice," but based on the order of her casting, it seems safe to assume that of the DC Comics heroes, hers will be the third biggest. So where is our picture? A guess: Hall H.

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Footage"

Warner Bros.


If "Guardians of the Galaxy" can cut a trailer for Hall H after 13 days of shooting, there's no reason that Zack Snyder hasn't been able to pull together something from the time the cast and crew have spent in Detroit. May 2016 is still a good ways away, but the Hall H hordes demand satisfaction.

Finally Smelling What The Rock Is Cooking

Dwayne Johnson sure isn't great at playing coy. Just watch the video above. You could almost add alternate captions to it that say "Shazaam! Shazaam! Shazaam! I'm playing Shazaam," and it wouldn't be that much of an exaggeration. But you really can't blame Johnson. He seems unbelievably excited to play a superhero that may or may not be Shazaam. But it probably is Shazaam, but he really can't say. Who knows if it's Shazaam? It could be any hero with the strength of Superman...'s Shazaam.

The Avengers Shot

Comic-Con 2010 - Day 3

A shot of the entire cast of a superhero movie stretching across the Hall H stage is pretty much obligatory since Joss Whedon did it with his "Avengers" cast in 2010. Bryan Singer could have collapsed the stage with the combined weight of the "Days of Future Past" cast. Reports have suggested that the "Batman V Superman" delay was due to finally casting for the entire series, so if that's the case, how about showing off your hard work, WB?

Josh Horowitz Punching Jason Momoa in the Face

In a perfect world, Momoa would live up to his word from Sundance and invite MTV's own Josh Horowitz onto the stage to deliver him the promised punch in the face.

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