The 'Deadpool' Movie Is Officially Back On

The 'X-Men' spin-off will hit theaters in February 2016.

Looks like that test footage did the trick.

Twentieth Century Fox has given the green light to "Deadpool," an "X-Men" spin-off movie featuring the fan-favorite mutant mercenary.

The project had sat for years in development hell with Ryan Reynolds set to reprise (and redeem) his role from "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," but it wasn't until years-old test footage leaked online to a rave fan response that "Deadpool" saw new life.

While that test footage is no longer officially available online, the clip tapped into the mix of action and meta humor that has made Deadpool a beloved character and a staple of any cosplayer gathering.

Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller are attached, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, no deals are in place.

"Deadpool" is scheduled to hit theaters on February 12, 2016.