Marilyn Manson Wrecks Backstage Area, Hotel Rooms In Rock & Roll Melee

Marilyn Manson and his entourage decided to channel a little rock & roll on the road aggression on Saturday night, and proceeded to trash the group's dressing room and four hotel rooms following a performance at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York.

According to a spokesperson for the venue, the evening started off with Manson and company hosting an "impressive looking" backstage food fight in the backstage common area, during which the band broke its own blender, chipped a counter top, cracked the plaster off one wall while trying to put holes in it, dismantled the aluminum base board heating system, and got the carpeting so filthy with bananas and mustard that it has to be replaced.

The party also set fire to a T-shirt, which scorched the carpeting and set off the Civic Center's fire alarm. The blaze had already been put out by the time the fire department had arrived, but fire chief Jack Forbes told Manson that if they had to be called back to the venue, the

group would get tossed out and the show would be canceled.

The venue spokesperson says that, in her opinion, the group was just trying to gain media attention by being mischievous. She also says that the venue is holding some of the gate receipts until the damage is fully assessed.

Following the dressing room merriment, Marilyn Manson proceeded to the Poughkeepsie Sheraton, where they went on to destroy their hotel rooms by burning the carpets, staining the sinks and bathtubs with more hair dye, and disturbing the other hotel guests with their level of noise, according to the "New York Post."

The band's label, Nothing/Interscope Records, had no comment on the incident, although the "Post" reports that both the hotel and venue expenses combined will total more than $25,000 and that the hotel expects to be reimbursed for the damages.

The Poughkeepsie police are currently investigating the incident.

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