Jane's Addiction Call Tourmates Nine Inch Nails 'Extended Family'

'There's a familial feeling within this tour,' Dave Navarro says of NINJA jaunt, which kicks off Friday night.

Eighteen years ago, they helped found Alternative Nation on the first-ever Lollapalooza tour. On Friday night (May 8), they'll hit the road together again.

[artist id="1001"]Nine Inch Nails[/artist] and [artist id="702"]Jane's Addiction[/artist] kick off their so-called NINJA 2009 jaunt Friday in West Palm Beach, Florida, marking the first time they've shared the stage together since Lolla '91. It's a double bill that makes an awful lot of sense -- yet, for a whole lot of reasons, it almost never happened.

First and foremost, [article id="1585669"]Jane's had to reunite[/article] with original (and long-estranged) bassist Eric Avery, which British music mag NME had a lot to do with.

"We weren't thinking of getting together at all. But we were called by NME magazine to receive this thing called the 'Godlike Genius Award,' and it flattered the sh-- out of us," Jane's frontman Perry Farrell told MTV News. "So everybody appeared to receive the award, and it started to dawn on everybody that it would be fun to [play music again]. We hadn't done it, in some cases, in 18 years, and it was one of those things that you try it out again, see if it feels good."

And that led to a series of Los Angeles club gigs and a [article id="1607386"]fiery headlining slot at South by Southwest[/article] in March. It sounded great, and it felt even better.

"We've had an amazing time. We haven't worked with Eric in close to 17 years, and there's been a lot of different versions of Jane's Addiction," guitarist Dave Navarro said. "We've had amazing bass players over the years ... and they've all been amazing assets to those incarnations of the band, but there's something about having the original bass player, Eric Avery, who we wrote and crafted the songs with, in place that ... it's kind of like having the missing ingredient that you haven't had all these years."

So now it's on to the NINJA tour -- which, as if it weren't already a huge enough event, might just also serve as [article id="1605194"]Nine Inch Nails' farewell tour[/article]. But whatever ends up happening with NIN, the guys in Jane's can't wait for the kick-off. It's just like old times.

"We're about to go on a six-week tour with Nine Inch Nails, and something that I've never had the opportunity to do is get to know the other artists on the bill, for an extended period of time on a creative level, prior to a tour," Navarro said. "In a lot of ways, this tour really does feel like extended family, based on the creative time we spent together and, going all the way back to Lollapalooza number one, where we did a month and a half of touring with them, so -- there's a familial feeling within this tour."