Aubrey Plaza Says The Grumpy Cat Movie Is A Gift To America

Cat people, rejoice.

The only better holiday gift than a Grumpy Cat Lifetime Christmas movie is getting to watch Aubrey Plaza make media appearances related to it.

The actress visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday, where she talked with total deadpan seriousness about what it was like to shoot promotional materials with the world's most famous cat, and the vast intellectual and emotional depth of "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever," which premieres on November 29.

"It operates on, I think, many levels of irony," Plaza said. "So many that I can't even tap into them all. And I think Lifetime has only tapped in to maybe one level."

Also, if you've been wondering, the actress said that she did improvise an enormous amount of dialogue for Grumpy, and that every last bit of it made it into the movie -- which basically cements our earlier suspicions that Aubrey Plaza is in fact a grumpy cat in a human skin.