'Star Wars: Episode VII': Here's Who's NOT In The Cast... Yet

Where Lando at?

Though the official "Star Wars: Episode VII" cast has finally been announced, there are still a few large question marks over the project. Specifically: where Lando at?

Or more specifically, yes we have Han, Leia and Luke in the cast, but what about all the other classic cast members we thought might return? And how about all those people who kept popping up in casting rumors time and again? Where they at?

There's a good chance some of them may end up showing up on set at some later point, because it's not like a major motion picture will only have 13 speaking roles. But here are all the big question marks we'd still like to hear about:

Billy Dee Williams

Though Lando Calrissian wasn't part of the core trio, he's still enough a part of the "Star Wars" saga that his exclusion from the table read is pretty glaring. It's possible director J.J. Abrams may be saving him for a cameo appearance, but we need to find out what happened with Lando in the movie, one way or another.

And hopefully not with a thrown off, "Ever since Lando died…"

James Earl Jones

Yes, Darth Vader died at the end of "Return of the Jedi," which would seem to put a definitive end to Jones' tenure as the dark lord of the Sith. But the 83-year-old actor's voice is as integral a part of the movies as John Williams' score.

Add in the fact that all six movies -- prequels included -- have been the story of Anakin Skywalker, and you have a good chance for a shocking return.

Given that Jones would most likely be doing voice work after the shooting, there's no reason to think he'd show up for the table read. And Abrams does need to preserve some mystery for that famous box of his.

Jones may not have been officially announced yet, but if he isn't involved in the movie in some way, we'll eat our own lightsaber.

That sounds grosser than we meant it to.

Frank Oz

We're guessing this is one cast member who won't be returning. Beyond being the voice of the very dead Yoda, the "weird creature" slot in the cast has probably been filled by motion capture expert Andy Serkis. Not in the cast, Frank Oz most likely is.

Warwick Davis

The actor only appeared in "Return of the Jedi" and had a cameo in "The Phantom Menace," but Davis has been a huge champion of the "Star Wars" movies, appearing at Celebrations and even working with George Lucas multiple times. Though he may not be part of the main cast, here's hoping he shows up in a cameo. No Ewoks though, please.

Nyong'o, Efron and Cumberbatch

These are three of the most rumored names for "Episode VII," and given the cast make-up we're guessing the force was not with them. There's a chance any of these three talented actors could end up in the movie, or later films; but for now we'll have to wait for them to show up in other roles not in a galaxy far, far away.