Listen To Eminem And Proof Destroy This Unreleased 1999 Freestyle

A throwback for your Thursday.

We don't hear new Eminem music very often these days, and there's no immediate sign of that changing. Even if we did, though, it wouldn't have the same feel as what we received today (Jan. 28).

Tim Westwood dropped a previously unreleased freestyle from 1999, featuring both Em and his D12 partner-in-rhyme, the late Proof. The 13-minute session -- part of which had been released before, and some of whose lines we've heard over the years, but not in this form -- transports us as listeners back to Early Career Eminem, putting his unique blend of talent on display: an inimitable way with words; a sometimes deranged sense of humor; an uncanny chemistry with Proof.

Westwood, the veteran U.K. DJ, has been digging in his archives recently. Late last year, he liberated an otherwise unheard Jay Z freestyle, also from 1999, for our listening pleasure.

Then, in December, DJ Eclipse presented us with a previously-unavailable-on-the-Internet, rhyme-drenched Eminem and Royce da 5'9" appearance on "The Halftime Show" from 1998.

Note to DJs: This is a trend that should continue.

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