Kelis Gets Over 'Duck Dynasty' Dudes In 'Rumble' Video

Watch Kelis' new video for "Rumble."

Kelis gives an ex the easy, breezy boot in her new clip.

Anyone whose life was changed by Kelis' last LP, 2010's Flesh Tone (hallowed be its name), might be a bit surprised at how laid-back the tracks from sixth studio album Food (Apr. 22) are. But what "Jerk Ribs" and now "Rumble" lack in club-readiness, they more than make up for in earworm catchiness and revealingly intimate lyrical content -- what we love most about the "Acapella" singer's canon, TBQH.

In her new music video for "Rumble," we open on Kelis treading her way into the middle of a lake, lavishly upholstered chair in hand. As she enshrines herself front and center, we see a number of men pop in and out of frame -- some fishing, some canoeing, some blowin' on a trumpet, and all looking like total "Duck Dynasty" doppels. (Though obviously, the cast of "Duck Dynasty" COULD NEVAH! #shedoesntevengohere)

The uneventful comings and goings of men throughout the video fall in line with the story Kelis sings throughout: "And even though I know I'm right/ Just like some lapse in my memory/ You're back to me, hand on the door/ I want you, baby don't go." Thankfully, she always comes to her senses with the chorus' repeated "I'm so glad you gave back my keys" mantra, a line we've already glorified in our holy book of Kelis scripture. Amen.

+ Watch Kelis' "Rumble" video.

Photo credit: Ninja Tune