Prince Shut Down Pink 17 Years Ago And She Still Hasn’t Recovered

He had a very succinct way of turning down her request to collaborate

After David Bowie’s passing, acts like Coldplay recalled the elegant ways the late star turned down their requests to collaborate. Now, Pink has shared a similar anecdote about Prince.

Back when Pink was just 19-years-old, she got the chance to meet Prince. Naturally, the young singer asked the legend if he wanted to collaborate on new music. Prince shut her down immediately.

"I asked him to collaborate with me,” Pink said in an interview with Nova FM's Fitzy and Wippa. "He asked if I owned my own masters."

But Pink wasn’t quite at the stage of her career where she owned her own master recordings yet. "I just actually got a record deal, so it was a little early for me to be demanding my masters back,” she said. "He told me to call him when I did. And I told him that he was a rude fuck, and then I went onstage."

By now, though, Pink doesn’t hold any resentment toward the Purple One. She noted that she loves the singer and she’ll miss him terribly: “The world lost a lot of sparkle this year and it's hurting my heart because I don't know what's going to replace it."

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