Jet Plan Next LP, DVD; Diss Jessica And Britney

'We want as many talentless people as possible,' drummer says.

When your debut album goes platinum and you win a Moonman for Best Rock Video at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards, you've got to come back with a big-time second record. And that's exactly what Jet has planned for the follow-up to Get Born.

"We want to get Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson to guest on the album -- as many talentless people as possible," joked drummer Chris Cester. "We want as many people who don't write their own songs as possible. That's the whole point. What the world needs are more talentless people."

All kidding aside, Cester said that the band will play a "smattering" of dates on the East and West Coasts between now and December, then head back to Australia to "sleep for a month." After the nap, they'll begin recording their new album, which -- depending on which member of Jet you speak with -- is shaping up to be either quite similar to, or a vast departure from, the lo-fi leanings of Get Born.

"We've got more songs that'll make us ubiquitous," said bassist Mark Wilson. "And I've got a few ideas, a few things in my head. But we're going to ubiquitous our asses off next year."

"The first [record] was like a punch in the face. The next one is going to be a really stinging slap. Like a really quick slap that you don't see [coming]," Cester countered. "I want to make it less bass-y and more annoying. But it's impossible to know until we walk out with the finished product."

To keep fans satiated until that "finished product" hits shelves, Jet are gathering material to be included on their first DVD, Family Style, due October 26. So far, the DVD features an entire Jet concert filmed in London, and bonus materials include "never before seen behind-the-scenes tour footage" and a 5.1 Surround Sound mix, with the promise of more extras to come.

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