Kendall Jenner Let Her Inner Paparazzi Come Out And Play For These Party Pics

She knows the best sides of Kylie and Bella

Kendall Jenner is just as good at taking photos as she is at posing for them, and she just shared a few shots of her faves that could cover any magazine.

Jenner posted a few black-and-white photos she captured during the Fall/Winter presentations — and the parties afterward — that took place during Fashion Week early this February. They're intimate and stunning, and this one of Kylie Jenner, in particular, gives us a sis's-eye view on a rowdy night out.

This pic of Bella Hadid is flawless, too, and her smoky eyes pop thanks to her nerd-chic glasses and luxurious fur coat.

Every single Kardashian/Jenner sister is a prolific selfie taker, so who knows — maybe Kendall will be the first to shoot a large-scale self-portrait session for her next big cover. She's definitely got the eye for it.

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