See Kylie Jenner's Brand New Hair Color And Prepare To Be Jealous

While there was a time in our lives when Kylie Jenner with a new hair color wouldn't make us bat an eye—girl was changing it up on the regular last year—that time has passed and Kylie's new pastel blue 'do has us freaking the hell out.

Last week, Kylie teased that we should probably keep our eyes peeled for her hair at the Bellami Hair event on July 9.

Then, last night—the aforementioned July 9!—Kylie unveiled her new look on Instagram.

While Kylie has had blue hair before—she told it's her "thing"—this icy blue shade is new. She dabbled in a similar shade at Coachella, though it was closer to her trademark teal.

In the past, Kylie has added color to her hair while, for the most part, maintaining her natural dark shade—this look is the most all-over color we've ever seen. Whether it's the product of actual, y'know, bleach and blue dye or a really, really convincing wig/hair extensions remains to be seen, but either way, it looks so, so cool (literally).