5 Questions We 'Need' Answered After The Season Finale Of 'The Shannara Chronicles'

Warning: 'MAJOR' spoilers ahead.

Break out the hats and horns -- The Four Lands has been saved.

On tonight's season finale of The Shannara Chronicles, Amberle made it back to Arborlon Castle just as the elven army was engaged in full battle with the demons -- and, with the help of Wil and Allanon, managed to restore the Ellcrys in the nick of time.

But the princess didn't save the ancient tree with the seed she'd received in the show's beginnings -- turns out, she was the seed all along. That's right: After giving Wil once last glance (seriously, did anyone else get teary?), she walked into the tree for a final time and sacrificed her mortal life to become the Ellcrys.

So is Amberle really gone forever? Can Wil get over the heartbreak of losing the princess -- just after the two had finally declared their love for each other? And will Amberle/The Ellcrys someday "speak" to Wil like Allanon said she would?

Those certainly aren't our only questions -- here are the top five queries we need to have answered after watching the season finale of The Shannara Chronicles:

What other evils have been stirred?

When Wil packed up and bid adieu to Allanon, the all-knowing druid seemed confident they'd meet again. "I sense that our journey has just begun," the Big A said. "The Dagda Mor may be gone, but his presence has stirred other evils." Umm, WHAT? After Allanon finally beheaded that demon bastard, we thought we were finally rid of all that was wrong in The Four Lands. So what other "evil" has been awakened? And could Allanon's fears have something to do with a certain seer...?

Is Bandon now the enemy?

After persuading Catania to help free him from jail, the seer brutally killed a guard and was later seen approaching the Dagda Mor's deserted headquarters. As if that wasn't concerning enough, he was carrying the Blade of Warlock -- and his eyes were suddenly blackened. We all know the Dagda Mor had been screwing with inhabiting Bandon's mind -- did the demon ruler manage to completely take over the seer's psyche? Is Bandon the new (and much hotter) version of the Dagda Mor? We're not sure, but we've got three words for Catania: Move on, girlfriend.

Can King Ander rule over The Four Lands alone?

Amberle's favorite uncle led the elves to battle and won the war against the demons, but he sure had a lot of help: After all, it was Allanon who killed the Dagda Mor and Amberle herself who regenerated the Ellcrys and, in turn, obliterated every last demon. So does Ander really have what it takes to be king without assistance? It won't help that, after tonight's episode, he's mourning the loss of both Commander Tilton (RIP, honey) and Amberle -- plus Arion and King Eventine are long gone (damn you, Dagda Mor). And we aaallll know what happens when the going gets tough for Ander -- he hits the bottle. The proof: He had more than a few sips when the Ellcrys began to die, then got sh-tfaced after he was forced to take the crown because of Arion's death. Even Commander Tilton once commented on Ander's affinity for double fisting, noting that after Aine's murder, the man who would one day be king became "lost in booze and anger and doubt."

Can Wil save Eretria?

After Miss E volunteered to stay in Safehold to fend off the trolls, we feared our favorite rover was dunzo. But Eretria lived to see another day and, at episode's end, Wil had vowed to rescue her. "I promised I'd go back for her," he told Allanon. "I'm not going to lose her too." Will the half-human, half-elf be able to take on all those terrible trolls and free Eretria? And, if he does, will the two rekindle their romance now that Amberle is, um, a tree?

Who was behind that mask?

The finale's final WTF: Eretria was captured by the trolls and brought to their apparent leader, who proceeded to dramatically take off his mask. When the rover got a glimpse of his face, she gasped, "It's YOU!" But who in the world was it? TBH, we're stumped -- yet we're still confident Miss E can handle anyone and anything that gets in her way. #TeamEretria

+Tell us: What are your biggest questions after the season finale of "The Shannara Chronicles"? And can you figure out any of this season's last-minute mysteries? Head to the comments with your theories and queries now!

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