Rihanna Filmed A Video In Paris Then Sprinted Into A Mob Of Fans

Or was this part of the video shoot?

We know that Rihanna is prepping a new album tentatively called R8 -- she recently teased a track called "Kiss It Better" -- and now it's clear that she's also started to film visuals for the project.

After inking her new Puma deal in Germany, Rih hopped over to Paris for a video shoot, and then she took a break to mob with her fans.

And by that, I mean that she decided to literally sprint into a mob of fans, without her security detail running after her, because she's brave as phuck.

"ran off set of an editorial shoot, straight into the arms of my fans... thank you french navy #r8," she wrote on Instagram, accompanied by the above photo. Her caption makes it unclear whether or not this was actually part of the video shoot, or just something she decided to do for fun.

Either way, that shot doesn't do justice to the moment. In the below videos, we get a clear shot of her running into the throng of fans, who are screaming so loud that it might actually make your ears bleed.

The sprint...

And then...

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