Travis Scott And Quavo Get Their 'Jurassic Park' On Performing With A Big Lizard

Huncho Lizard? šŸ¦Ž

If there is one rap trend that needs to begin in 2018, it's performing with exotic lizard creatures on late-night shows. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Travis Scott and Quavo decided to bring a large monitor lizardĀ onstage to help them perform "Eye 2 Eye," featuring Takeoff.

As the three rapped in front of their Ralph Steadman-illustrated desert-scape, the scaly guy chilled in the back. In a behind-the-scenes Instagram story, Quavo can be seen petting the majestic beast. Overall, there seems to be some confusion on whether theĀ animal is a Komodo dragon or an Asian Water Monitor lizard. Considering a Komodo dragonĀ can kill with a venomous bite,Ā it is probably safe to assume the beautiful emeraldĀ soul onstage is the Komodo's more friendly brethren.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Ralph Steadman discussed working with Scott and Quavious on the album's cover art.

"Some emails came through from Travis's team about mid-November," said Steadman. "I had to familiarize myself with this whole new world of rap. I liked Travis and Quavo's faces and their dreadlocks. I knew I could make some use of those. The feature was positive. There was no aggression. There was a sense of life, laughter, and hope."

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