Grimes' New Album 'Miss_Anthropocene' Is About A Space-Dwelling, Apocalypse-Fetishizing Demon

There could also be a few more singles and an EP coming before the album's release

Grimes has a new album coming soon — she just hasn't revealed a release date yet. It's called Miss_Anthropocene and it's "a concept album about the anthropomorphic goddess of climate Change." The singer revealed this information, and so much more, on Instagram yesterday with an extremely long and detailed post. Not only do we know what her new album will be about, but we also know about what it entails and her plans leading up to its release. Forget detailed, lavish rollouts; Grimes may have just revolutionized the way that artists open up to fans completely. No more drip-feeding.

Grimes' post wasn't an album cover or anything, just a selfie: an innocent, quickly shot selfie. The caption, however, was anything but. Right after announcing that her new album is called Miss_Anthropocene, Grimes delved into the meanings of each word. Misanthrope is "a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society," and Anthropocene is "a proposed epoch dating from the commencement of significant human impact on the Earth's Geology and ecosystems including, but not limited to, anthropogenic climate change." Later on, she adds more color to Anthropocene, writing that she's "a psychedelic, space-dwelling demon/beauty-Queen who relishes the end of the world. She's composed of Ivory and Oil."

In addition to describing a little bit about the album's title and subject matter, Grimes also discussesd the content of the songs themselves. "Each song will be a different embodiment of human extinction as depicted through a Pop star demonology," she writes. "The first song 'we appreciate power,' introduced the pro-AI-propaganda girl group who embody our potential enslavement/destruction at the hands of Artificial General intelligence." If anyone deserves an awesome conspiracy theory show on Netflix, it's Grimes.

After divulging these details about the LP, the singer also gives something of a roadmap for the upcoming album's release. "It's possible I will drop an EP or a few more singles of synth-based stuff b4 the album because it's mostly ethereal nu metal (ish), and I know a lot of ppl miss the synths and whatnot." There's no word if the musical that she's working on, which features "Pretty Dark" that she released last week, will be released before the LP.

It's definitely time for a new album, given how Grimes' last LP was 2015's Art Angels. Last November, she released "We Appreciate Power" with HANA, leading to whispers and early expectations that a new project would finally be arriving soon. Grimes' upcoming album has been delayed on a few occasions but now it's time for the waiting game again — only this time, we have more details to hold us over.

Check out Grimes' lengthy Instagram post up above.

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