Halsey's 'Graveyard' Is A Toxic New Taste Of Her Forthcoming Album

'Manic' will be out on January 17

Halsey is officially back with the announcement of her third studio album, Manic, set to come out on January 17. With this reveal, she's also released a sickening and sad new song about dangerously addicting love, "Graveyard," that is as dark as they come. It's the first taste of the long-awaited follow-up to her 2017 LP Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Halsey season is now upon us.

It began with a painting live-stream, with Halsey showing fans the cover of her new album by painting it. Afterward, that's when the news dropped, followed by the release of the down-in-the-dumps barrel of emotions, "Graveyard." This melancholy three-minute diary follows Halsey chronicling her mental struggle to separate herself from a relationship that does more danger to her than good. It sounds happy enough, with blithe synths and drums that try to hide the fact that her words are painful, jarring, and searing.

"You look at me / With eyes so dark, don't know how you even see," she sings through the soft, inviting hand claps. It hints at a darker edge for Halsey's new album that arrives in months. The journey begins in this graveyard.

Halsey shared a bloody and tenacious video for "Nightmare" in May that featured Blondie and Cara Delevingne as members of her fire-synthesizing gang. Halsey also released "Boy With Luv" with BTS in April.

Listen to "Graveyard" up above.