The Musical Genius Behind 'Broad City' Will Fill Your Playlist With YAAAS

MTV News spoke with Matt Feldman about finding inspiration online and around the world.

Why do we love "Broad City"? The reasons are plentiful, but aside from Abbi and Ilana's inarguable flawlessness, what makes the show feel unique is the perfect pairing of music and Mise-en-scène. That is to say, the show has a killer soundtrack.

MTV News spoke with the man behind the music -- 23-year-old music supervisor Matt FX Feldman -- about how he goes about finding all those perfect tracks with which to score Abbi and Ilana's absurd New York odyssey.

It's not surprising that Matt has exceptional taste -- he's been surrounded by music his entire life. The son of a musical conductor, he attended one of the top choir programs in the world and graduated from the prestigious performing arts school, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School. He was (and still is) an active member of the New York DIY scene, frequenting shows at Shea Stadium, and has actively supported unsigned and up-and-coming artists for years. Fun fact: He approximated 80-85% of artists featured on "Broad City" are unsigned, which is seriously awesome.

Here are some artists and tracks he's used on the show that we guarantee you're gonna love. (BTW, that's Matt right down there, looking serious.)

Jelena Aleksich

Matt FX


"I sing the gospel of Photay every day to someone new," Matt told MTV News, "The way he kind of fuses the electronic [sound] with the world music idea and still somehow makes it like very digestible... his music is so brilliant and this is just the beginning."

Photay, whose real name is Evan Shornstein, was born in the states and found inspiration abroad when he studied African drumming in Guinea. His work infuses world music with a kind of otherworldly, electronic magic. "He’s got like 18 songs in the season now," says Matt, "They just work so well."

Scooter Island

This one's really cool because it's Matt's very own project. Named after Matt's favorite method of transportation (he literally rolled up to this interview on a scooter -- baller move), this project sees Matt collabing with tons of artists.

"#NOTYOURS," which features NYC rapper Junglepussy, was featured twice in this season -- once in a particularly unforgettable episode of "Broad City" (the one with Jeremy Santos and Abbi -- you know what I mean). Matt said at first, he didn't tell the editors or even Abbi and Ilana that it was his song, but they loved and totally embraced it. Matt said the duo were really impressed, and that they told him, “If it’s your song, it’s staying in both episodes -- send us more of your music, we have to put more in.” The coolest gals ever, right?

Push Push

Matt is all about South African artists, and female rapper Push Push from Cape Town is the perfect addition to the "Broad City" soundtrack. Matt is also a big fan of her producer, Thor Rixon, whose label Naas Music (like "niiice" music), is one of Matt's current obsessions. "Everything that they’ve released is phenomenal," he said.

What's Next?


For next season, Matt hopes to bring on one of his favorite bands, Philly rockers Man Man for some tracks. He said the band was crucial during his high school years. "Talk about existential angst...[their work] just felt so legit," he said.

Keep up the great work, Matt! We'll be listening.

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