Jesse McCartney Announces 'In Technicolor' Release Date: See The Retro Cover Art

McCartney's fourth studio album will drop July 22.

With last year's four-track EP, Jesse McCartney made it clear that he had one goal in breaking his four-year hiatus: to make you move. And judging from its lead single -- the funk-tinged "Superbad" -- he's about to throw a full-on dance party with his full-length album.

And it all starts on July 22, when In Technicolor hits shelves.

McCartney says his fourth studio album is "by far my proudest musical achievement to date" -- one he reached by stepping out of his comfort zone with the help of artists like Hot Chelle Rae and producers the Elev3n.


Photo cred Meeno Peluce

"We wrote a song that - somewhat accidentally - nailed a sound I was searching for for myself. It was retro, it was contemporary. I envisioned real horns, real instruments, syncopated and tight. That song 'Back Together,' was really the start of this album," he said. "After that, my direction was really clear to me and I knew exactly what I wanted."

And while in the past he'd write "40 or 50 demos" and pick from there, this time around, he and his collaborates wrote the 11 songs on the album "with no waste."

McCartney lists '70s and '80 music icons like Michael Jackson and Prince as his chief influences, and it shows on tracks like "Superbad" and "Back Together."

"This album had a completely different energy from the start," he added. "This final product is by far my proudest musical achievement to date."

Jesse McCartney's new album In Technicolor is available July 22nd but you can pre-order it starting tomorrow, Tuesday June 10th at iTunes, Amazon, and!

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