Meet Phoebe Ryan, One Of Taylor Swift's New Musical Obsessions

She will make your life more awesome.

Taylor Swift just made the day, week, month or even life for some up-and-coming artists.

The "Wildest Dreams" singer tweeted a handwritten list of “’New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome’ (I promise!)” and while it did just that for us, it did it for the artists on the list as well, including 24-year-old Phoebe Ryan.

The "Mine" singer obviously saw Taylor's tweet and replied saying that her shout-out means the "world" to her.

So, who is this green-haired singer? You're about to find out.

She's A Songwriter

Phoebe grew up in northern New Jersey, attended the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU and started writing music for other artists before concentrating on herself. Phoebe has written songs for folk-pop duo Oh Honey, rapper Skizzy Mars and co-wrote Bea Miller's "Young Blood".

"I've only got to meet her a handful of times, and she's so sweet and talented, and it's such an honor to have a song go to an artist that can embody the meaning of a song," Phoebe recently told us about working with Bea.

Hot And Fresh Out The Kitchen

Phoebe first caught listeners' attention with her simply amazing mashup of R. Kelly's "Ignition" and Miguel's "Do You..." While it may seem like these two songs would never work together, Phoebe totally nails it as she flawlessly jumps back and forth from each track, making it seem like one.

She Knows That It's 'Mine'

Phoebe's debut single, which is featured on her Mine EP, shows off her breathless tone with a song that you can't help but sing along to, even if the meaning behind it is a little darker.

"'Mine' is kind of about hitting a rough patch in your life. You're down on the floor, everything sucks. It's really hard to pick yourself back up," she explained. "You start putting together all the pieces and you start working on yourself, and then you realize you get to a point where the good and bad mistakes I've made -- everything is all yours you have to own up to everything, good and bad."

She's Got Tove-Lo's Love

Phoebe opened for Tove-Lo, who she calls the "nicest person ever," at New York City's Highline Ballroom back in March, and the "Talking Body" singer publicly showed support for Phoebe, encouraging her fans to take a listen to her single.

Cher Is Her Queen

Phoebe, who is currently working on her debut album, credits Cher as someone she would love to have a career like, saying that "she's the diva queen. She's the goddess."

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