'Star Wars' Invades France In These Amazing LEGO Photos

May le force be with them.

France has been invaded... by Star Wars LEGOs

But you don't have to love LEGOs or "Star Wars" to appreciate these incredible pictures, by photographer Benoit Lapray as part of a project by LEGO France.

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The photographs are part of a series called "Toy Invasion," where Lapray shows the Empire taking over a district in Lyon, France.

You can see stormtroopers with speeder bikes hovering over the water, stormtroopers shopping in a mall (with Boba Fett, of course), the Emperor commanding his forces from the roof of a building, and coolest of all, a shot-down Millennium Falcon in the water while Luke, Han and Leia try to escape.

You can check out the full photo set here, and you'll probably be just a bit upset the Empire hasn't actually invaded earth yet.

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