Brienne Of Darth: 7 'Star Wars' Roles Perfect For Gwendoline Christie

Who should Christie play in the new 'Star Wars' movie?

Gwendoline Christie has joined the cast of "Star Wars: Episode VII," and that's phenomenal news for anyone and everyone.

If you're not familiar with the actress, Christie is best known for playing the honorable warrior Brienne of Tarth on "Game of Thrones," the HBO fantasy series about swords, sorcery, dragons, politics, and even head-popping. She's powerful with a sword and true to her word, two traits that don't always go hand in hand in Westeros. Brienne, in a word, is brilliant.

But how will Christie fare in the galaxy far, far away? And what can we expect from her character, whoever she ends up playing?

Here are some of the different types of "Star Wars" roles we could see Christie playing:

A Jedi Knight

It's a natural fit for the honorable Brienne, who never walks away from a sworn duty. Likewise, the Jedi order is a sacred one, requiring all knights to commit their lives entirely to the Force. With her swordswinging skills already well-documented, Christie would make for a more than formidable Jedi Knight.

A Sith Lord

We've seen Christie's noble side. Let's see her dark side. Evil Christie, working alongside a resurgent contingent of Sith Lords, would be very cool, and very dangerous for Luke Skywalker and the new generation of heroes. Brienne of Darth indeed.

A Military Officer

There's something about Christie that echoes some of the classic military types featured in the early "Star Wars" movies. Whether she's working for the scraps of the Galactic Empire or the heroic rebels, Christie has the gravitas to call shots from behind a monitor, just as much as she does swinging lightsabers on the battlefield.

An X-Wing Pilot

Likewise, we can picture Christie talking smack and shooting down TIE-Fighters from the comfort of an X-Wing cockpit. Most importantly, we can see her trading snark with Han Solo over comm systems. As much as we want a lightsaber in her hand, the keys to an X-Wing could do the trick.

A Wookiee

Hey, she has the height for it! Really, even if Christie isn't a Wookiee, it would be great to see her as some kind of alien. With her sizable stature on her side, Christie would make for an incredibly compelling creature.

Luke's Hand Aid

Someone needs to make sure Skywalker's robot hand is still functional, and she's got experience working with disgruntled swordsmen with severed limbs…

Brienne of Tarth

Because it opens the door for official "Star Wars" and "Game of Thrones" crossover, which means C-3PO serving as a Maester of the Citadel and Khal Drogo wrestling with Chewbacca. Sign us up.

Who do you want to see Christie play in the new "Star Wars" movie?

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