New Video: Rihanna, 'Disturbia'

From "Thriller" to "Ghostbusters" to Stevie Wonder's funktastically timeless "Superstition," and even Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party," we fully embrace music about the supernatural (EXCEPT the Santana Supernatural album -- who cares if it sold like 28 copies per person -- it's still inexcusably annoying). And now we're adding Rihanna's highly anticipated "Disturbia" video to that list. It's the video yin to the yang of Chris Brown's "Wall to Wall," which featured creepy crawly chicks climbing the walls in latex. (Coincidentally, Chris co-wrote the song, which was originally intended for him, but he passed it along to Rihanna. He's also on the backing vocals. That's love!)

Check out photos of Rihanna on the set of the video, which was directed by David LaChappelle, and then go watch Rihanna straddle a mannequin, stroke a wolf, and impersonate Venus de Milo. And you thought Slipknot was freaky.

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