When Will We Get Taylor Swift's Next Single? Sooner Than You Think

And it's probably going to be about NYC!

The lead up to Taylor Swift's first major pop album 1989 has been like a treasure hunt meshed with a birthday party. Between the fan-focused secret listening sessions, the hilarious outtakes from her "Shake It Off" video and the Harry Styles rumors that are swirling around her next single "Out Of The Woods" it has been quite a ride.

But all that is about to get swept under the rug and completely surpassed. Why? Because last night she teased her next single on Twitter and I feel like it's going to be a doozy.

The shot of her with a skyline? That'd be New York City, the place where Tay Tay has been spending a ton of her time lately, and according to the ever-churning Swiftie rumor mill, there's a song on her album called "Welcome To New York" that this photo just might be referencing.

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Though Taylor claimed on her Tumblr that the tracklist is wrong, she also had to go back and revise that it is right about some things! Do you feel like Nancy Drew yet? Because I do! Frankly, I love all the clues and the dramatic roll-out, it makes things more fun for fans.

But if this leak does have any hint of truth, then the song is one that Taylor co-wrote with One Republic's Ryan Tedder so you know it will have a huge emotional chorus buoyed by probably strings and beautiful piano, right?? Guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow night (October 20) to find out for sure.

If you need me, I'll just be watching the "Shake It Off" video until then because I'm still obsessed.

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