Taylor Momsen, In Underwear And Stripper Heels, Brandishes A Gun, Slams Heidi Montag

(Credit: Revolver magazine)

Oh, look, it's Taylor Momsen in her underwear and stripper heels holding a semiautomatic handgun and looking bored on the cover of the new issue of "Revolver." Totally normal.

Yup, Lil' Jenny Humphrey looks like she's going to war. Albeit a war fought in a goth-themed strip club. The Pretty Reckless singer seems to be sporting a look that says, "I know this is going to be all 'ooh, controversial,' but I don't care." Come to think of it, Taylor Momsen usually has that look; that's part of the reason she is awesome.

Inside, Taylor Momsen talks about her favorite lipstick and how awesome it is to be on "Gossip Girl." Ha! Psyche!!! Inside, Taylor Momsen talks about her feelings on celebrity sex tapes (she would like us to know she would not have sex with Tommy Lee) and disses Heidi Montag for recording a song Momsen originally recorded when she was 8 years old.

Let us now praise Taylor Momsen for making run of the mill celebrity profiles awesome. Never change, girl. Never. Ever. Change.

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