Music on Weeds: Huskaroo and Regina Too

Just one episode from its second season finale, a lot is hanging in the balance on Showtime's Weeds. On the music front, last night's episode featured Russian-born New Yorker Regina Spektor pulling off the double play by contributing both the opening theme and the ending credits music ("Ghost Of Corporate Future"). Between the songs, thankfully, there was also plenty going on.

I think having a drug dealer (Nancy) marry a DEA agent (Peter) is one of the more interesting plot twists for a television series, and we're now racing toward a 'scorpion and frog' (or, as Nancy keeps calling it, the turtle) parable fate. Nancy tries to make it work, lighting candles in her nightie to the sweet sounds of Sufjan Stevens ("Holland"). But the chemistry just isn't there -- when wiretaps are involved, I can't imagine it would be.

Today also sees the release of the second volume of songs from the series (Weeds - Music From The Showtime Original Series - Volume 2), and all the music (save Spektor's reworked theme song) is on the album. One treat on the collection is the fake TV ad music for Huskaroos, the clothing line for 'plus size' children that young Isabella models for (much to the chagrin of her perfectionist mother Celia). Huskaroo lets you be you ....

Playlist: Weeds - Episode 2.10

1. "Little Boxes" - Regina Spektor (Showtime)

2. "Huskaroo Tv Spot" - Brandon Young Jay

3. "Holland" - Sufjan Stevens

4. "Ghost Of Corporate Future" - Regina Spektor

Album: Weeds - Music From The Showtime Original Series - Volume 2


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